Monday, August 31, 2009

Aftermath: BSG panel at HiChristina!

The BSG Party at HiChristina! went wonderfully!  There was plenty of ambrosia (well, the Earth analogue of ambrosia.  I'm led to understand that it was almost pure grain alcohol mixed with some kind of citrus punch). We played all sorts of BSG trivia games (some of those questions were hard!  I was reluctant to play because I knew I would get royally shellacked.), and my personal favorite game, Baltar Karaoke.  In this game, they played a silent video of an iconic scene between Baltar, Head Six, and some other person.  Three people from the crowd were handed scripts, and they read the lines of that scene, in time (well, more or less) with the actors on the screen.  It is a lot of fun, and not as easy as you think!

Then we had the BSG Panel.  The participants were Ajay Chaudhary, (teacher of philosophy and religion at Columbia University, and versed in all things Battlestar and Joss Whedon), Shane Froebel of Battlestar Wiki, and your humble narrator.  The audience was... well, just amazing.  The questions (and the answers -- no one was shy about voicing their opinions!) were incredibly insightful -- they brought up stuff about the show I literally had never thought about before.  All in all it was a fascinating evening.  Look for the same group of people to repeat the event at a NerdNight in Manhattan some time in the not too distant future.